Saint Hubert Cross Country All-Catholics
1st team - Cecilia Jones
2nd team - Nicole McShane
Honorable Mention - Marissa Tankelewicz

1st team - Nicole McShane, Cecilia Jones
2nd team - Marissa Tankelewicz, Colleen Mulville, Debbie Grace
Honorable Mention - Ally Kuvik

1st team - Teresa Ortiz and Erin Love
2nd team - Haley Burns and Isabella Goschinski
Honorable Mention -  Johanna Gresko and Jackie Hughes

1st team - Teresa Ortiz, Erin Love and Gina Montgomery
2nd team - Johanna Gresko and Angela Lee
Honorable Mention - Erin Fleming and Jackie Hughes

1st team - Teresa Ortiz and Claire Delcasale
2nd team - Anuska Mercado, Gina Montgomery, Erin Fleming and Erin Love
Honorable Mention - Ashley Sexton

1st team - Carolan Difiore, Claire Delcasale, Ashley Sexton and Teresa Ortiz
2nd team - Erin Love and Gina Montgomery
Honorable Mention -

1st team - Carolan Difiore and Claire Delcasale
2nd team -
Honorable Mention - Elise Delcasale, Caitlin Hooven, Tina Streleckis and Ashley Sexton

1st team - Katherine Klinges and Lauren Kelly
2nd team -
Honorable Mention - Carolan Difiore, Laura Presser and Lindsey Hogan

1st team - Tracey Kelly, Lauren Kelly, Katherine Klinges and Bridget Fitzgerald
2nd team -
Honorable Mention - Meghan Delaney and Kayla Reilly

1st team -
2nd team - Alycia Tranchitella, Megan Mehaffey and Lauren Kelly
Honorable Mention - Tracey Kelly, Bridget Fitzgerald, Katherine Klinges and Meghan Delaney

1st Team - Megan Crowe, Tracey Kelly, Karen Grauber, Meghan Delaney and Lauren Edger
2nd Team - Bridget Fitzgerald
Honorable Mention -

1st Team - Amy Kelly, Meghan Delaney, Megan Neary, Megan Crowe, Katie Mehaffey, Debbie McGrogan and
Tracey Kelly
2nd Team -
Honorable Mention - Karen Grauber and Bridget Fitzgerald
Amy Kelly picked for 1st team All-State!
PCL Champs !

1st Team - Amy Kelly, Rachel Papin, Katie Mehaffey, Megan Neary and Megan Crowe
2nd Team - Erica Morrin
Honorable Mention - Liz Crowe and Ashley Kalman
Amy Kelly picked for 1st team All-State!
Amy Kelly 1st team all-Southeastern Pa.
Rachel Papin 2nd team all-Southeastern Pa.
PCL Champs !   1st time in school history !

1st Team - Amy Kelly, Katie Mehaffey, Rachel Papin, Rebecca Williams and Jackie Kelly
2nd Team - Erica Morrin
Honorable Mention - Ashley Kalman and Megan Neary
Amy Kelly Picked for 1st team All-State!
Katie Mehaffey picked for 2nd team All-State!

1st Team - Jackie Kelly, Amy Kelly and Katie Mehaffey
2nd Team - Cara Murray and Erica Morrin
Honorable Mention - Rachel Papin
Jackie Kelly 1st team All-State and qualified for  Footlocker Northeast regionals  (link)
Amy Kelly 2nd team all-state

1st team -
2nd Team -         
Honorable Mention -